Discover Papier Machine and explore electronics through paper.

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Introducing Papier Machine

A collection of DIY thematic books gathering 6 interactive electronic paper toys that will help you unveil the mysteries of electronics.
Where paper, electricity, arts and play meet.

Discover the 6 toys

resistance Papier machine
Resistance | Tune this music instrument with hand-drawn graphite zones. Close the circuits closing the doors. Play your own piano.
gyroscope Papier Machine
Gyroscope | Connect the two parts of the circuit using the marble. Intensify the sound aiming at the battery. Play mini-golf.
playing track Papier Machine
Playing track | Close circuits drawing graphite zones. Have the marble read this music sheet rolling down. Compose the next masterpiece.
wind sensor Papier Machine
Wind sensor | Get the silver fringes to touch using wind, breath and air agitation. Hide and play a new kind of harmonica.
writing track Papier machine
Writing track | Scribble with your graphite pencil. Shake the game. Let the centrifugal forces and the metallic marble play your music.
tilt switch Papier Machine
Tilt switch | Fold and create your playing kit. Pile up shapes. Find balance. Try and build the highest tower. Wish for no looser sounds.

Specifications & Details

Designer & Inventor :

Marion Pinaffo &
Raphaël Pluvinage


- Format: B4
- Paper weight: 400g
- Number of pages: 24

- 6 electronic paper toys
- 1 button cell
- 4 metallic marbles
- 2 piezo elements
- 2 sound components.


- Printed in France.
- 3 plain colours including one neon colour.
- High quality paper.

Papier Machine conductive silver ink
Papier Machine illustrated user manual
Papier Machine strips
Papier Machine electronic components

Papier Machine is printed with conductive silver ink.

No need to be polyglot to understand our detailed user manual.

No glue needed, the toys are cleverly designed to be assembled with strips.

All the details were given special attention, even the packaging of the components, right in the middle of the book.



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