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A world where technologies, arts and play meet.

We believe in multidisciplinarity, in interactive and intergenerational experiences, in the ideas led by curiosity. We believe in a bright but unknown future that will require different minds and new thinking. We believe in you to participate in creating it. We believe we can give you tools to get to it.



We talk a lot about the potential of multidisciplinarity. Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics have been gathered in the STEM movement. Panoplie believes in its extended possibilities when associated to Arts and design as put forward lately by the STEAM movement.

Why choosing between one or the other when you can combine all of them? We know a world exists at the crossroad of education, design, tech, publishing.


What about STEAMP?

We believe offering unfamiliar ways to learning will participate in stimulating children and adults' creativity and curiosity. Play brings possible but easier failure from which we learn. It helps push boundaries.

Knowledge is essential. The process leading to it is even more. It is about learning the unknown to face the future. Play brings confidence and uninhibition and helps therefore develop unconscious skills.


Offering interactive and intergenerational experiences

We trully value the power of intergenerational experiences. Isolated minds can have great ideas but they become stronger when shared. It is commonly agreed that children can learn from adults but we are strongly convinced adults can too from children.

In our world, different people from different countries and cultures speaking different languages meet. You come from Japan, Germany, France or Indonesia. Others come from Canada, China, Brasil and even South Korea. If we want to meet you all, we will have to tour the globe. And we will because we believe  interaction is the key.






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